Making your Own Examples

These multi-image scenes are held together by the Argus 3D applet, which is a combination of HTML, JavaScript and CSS to simulate the action of Argus 3D on the web. Once you make a few images, you'll want to share them ... this is a cross-browser way to do it.

  1. Go to Apple's Photos app, mail the 3 images to an email account on a real computer, and host them online somewhere. Take advantage of other Apps that upload images. You may want to size the images down to 320x480 - 640x480.

  2. In Argus 3D, go to the Email tab, and send the source code of the applet. When it comes up in iPhone Email (10-15 seconds) send it to the real computer.

  3. When you get the source mail, paste the text into a text editor and replace all instances of '< ' with '<' (the space keeps iPhone Mail from interpreting the source). Change the 3 image references ('/changethisimage/testcards_C.gif') to point to the images you hosted online.

  4. Paste the code into an HTML area on a site, or a blog, or anywhere that will accept about 8Kb of sourcecode inside a self-contained <div>.

  5. You're done! The applet should come to life in any JavaScript-enabled browser.

There's probably an easier way to accomplish this. Please let us know your ideas. At present, the applet doesn't support awesome 5-image 2-directional tilting like the App.