Images embedded in HTML tables

Argus 3D can email embedded images - HTML tables with thousands of colored pixel cells. This makes a pretty hefty email, so make sure the person is ready for 64 to 512k of HTML!


HTML supports full 24-bit color, so embedded images are pixelated, but vibrant and true to original color. Since there's no JPG compression, the image is free of artifacts, and the HTML tends to ZIP compress very well. It's somewhat like an ASCII BMP.

Here's how to do it:

  1. In the Email tab, select the (Embed) option. Note the warning.

  2. Choose whether you want to send only the Center image, or all of them in a layered alpha blend. This will really embed 5 images, if they are present.

  3. Select a quality level. Low is really chunky, high is somewhat chunky. The pixels are stretched to fit a fixed area, which you can change in the code.

  4. Tap Send to iPhone Mail and get ready for a long "hail mary pass" between Argus 3D and iPhone Mail.

Try out lower resolutions and Center only first. Give Mail a few seconds to load the message, then a few more to finish displaying it. If it takes more than a minute, apologies, the machine has crashed. Reset by holding down the Home button and the power button for 6 seconds. Or, it will reset itself after 2 minutes.

Note: When sending Center, Left and Right, the left and right versions will be lower quality, because pixels are expensive in this situation. If Top and Bottom are present, they will be sent at an even lower res.

To grab the sourcecode of the image table, just view the mail in a browser, select View Source, and get ready for a BIG copy & paste. Embedded images are so big that visual editors like Dreamweaver, ExpressionWeb, nVu, etc. will have trouble with them, so use the Source-only view, or a simple text editor.