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Narrow Separation: Realistic 3D

Closely spaced pictures combine into a 3D effect. This is the most common way to use Argus 3D, or most other 3D systems.

When you have good Left, Center, and Right images, try out images for Top and Bottom. These are shown when you tilt the device forward and back. They're also mixed into the Autorock cycle.


Wide Separation: Explore a Subject

A widely-spaced image can encompass much more than a single view.


Before and After: Change & Time

Take a few pictures with a steady camera view, and let time tell the story.

Capture a smile as it happens, show the moment an Indy car zooms by, show the ice melting on the lake. A few Apps let you take multiple quick pictures - try building Argus 3D sequences with them.

Keep in mind what impression you want to give the viewer, but leave yourself open for happy accident.


the Same Image: Zoom & Pan

Moving gracefully across an image calls attention to a single part.

While pulling 3 images into Argus 3D, use the "Move & Scale" function to gradually focus into a single area.

Note: if you share this multiimage with the Applet, you'll have to recreate the zoom in an image editor.


Differing images: a Mini-Slideshow

Find images that tell a story together. Show sides of a panorama, or reveal something special in one of the edges.


More Features

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