Support & Screenshots

Argus 3D has 5 tabs: View, Save, Gallery, Email, and Options.

The lite version replaces the "Email" tab with an "Ideas" tab so new users can get used to taking multiphotos. Here's a short tutorial on each of the tabs.

View tab

Here, you build and view 3D scenes. Tap on one of the dotted-line areas to load an image.

The accelerometer is on, so when you tilt the device up, down, left, and right, the center image will blend into the view you have chosen for that direction.

Tap on the image to rotate the view 90' into a Landscape view. Tap again to go back to the Portrait view.

Tap the CLR button to clear the top and bottom images, or to clear everything, including the title.
Tap Cto clear a single image, tap again to cancel.

The arrow buttonsLeftRight UpDown swap the center image with the left, right, top or bottom.

Pause Pausestops the image in its current blend, locking the current tilt control or Autorock.


View tab

View tab - WRX


Save tab

Give a scene a name, and save it into the Gallery.

Every scene needs a name. If you really want to, you can name a scene 'Untitled'.


Save tab


Gallery tab

The Gallery shows multi-image scenes you have saved before. Tap any scene to reload it into the View tab.

When you gather more than 6 views, a new button appears at the bottom of the screen, so you can navigate between sets of views.

NOTE: Scenes are currently saved into the Preferences. As a result, the iPhone/iPod Touch will have difficulty working with more than 24 Gallery scenes. This should be fixed.


Gallery tab



Set "Message Type" to Source to Send yourself the source-code in HTML/JavaScript. This will help you put a high-quality version of your multi-image on the Web, in a web advertisement, or on your blog.

After you send the source, go back to the Home screen, go to your Photos, find the 3 original pictures, and Send each one to yourself. Resize them in an image editor, upload them somewhere on the Web, change the source to point to them, then host the source somewhere.

Specify imagesize in the 'a3dImage' CSS definition. The rest of the interface tries to scale with it. The Center image always appears first in the HTML, because it is the basis.

Set "Message Type" to Embed if you want to email low-quality versions of your images to a friend without attachments.

Embedded multi-images are big. (low quality: 128k high: 1/2 MB!)
DON'T SELECT THIS if you are on a bytes plan! Sending the mail will cost you a mint, unless you are connected with WiFi.

Tap "Send to iPhone Mail" to close Argus 3D, and give Mail the message.

  Email tab



On the Options tab, you can select where the pictures for the Scene will come from. Note that the iPod Touch does not have a camera, so it can't select that option.

"Autorock" sets the view to rock back and forth gently, and ignore input from the device's tilt sensor.

"Cycles per second" controls the speed of Autorock.

"Movement" determines whether tilt is measured compared to gravity (Absolute), or the current position.

Please note the awesome 3DOF realtime accelerometer readout in the corner.


Options tab


New Stuff:

  • The lite version has an "Ideas" tab instead of the "Email" tab.

  • WRX Scene added to the lite version's Gallery.

  • New feature! Blend "Blend view" mixes all views, with an emphasis on the center.