TAHOE RUGS Available in the App Store

Browse a stock of hand-woven, naturally-dyed rugs, on a backdrop from your world. TahoeRugs is a showcase for a few special rugs in the shop at Tahoe Rug Studio, in Tahoe City, California. Four kinds of rugs are included: American Heritage, designed by the Studio; Tibetan; Modern; and Transitional.

Take a picture, or load a picture from the device, and see how it looks with the rugs. (For a true match, contact Tahoe Rug Studio in person.) When you find a good combination, the App can save a combined image to the camera roll for later.

Example of App image output.

A dining room image is included as a start. Any image you select will be saved for use between sessions, unless you clear it on the Photo tab. If you just want the rug, tap Clear. On the homescreen, the App presents a current message from the tahoerugs.com homepage.

This App helps designers, decorators and homeowners start a conversation about one of the oldest and most cherished traditions in human culture.



Home tab

There are two major options on this screen, which are simply shortcuts to the Photo and Rugs tabs.

  1. Select photo
  2. Browse Rugs

On the bottom of the screen above the tabs, an HTML welcome message is loaded from tahoerugs.com.

  • Tapping the (info) icon in the upper-right brings up the info screen.






Home - info

  1. Tapping (ok) dismisses the info view.

  2. Tapping the Heart of Land logo closes the App, and brings up heartofland.com in Safari.





Select Photo tab

This tab has three main options:

  1. Select a photo from Photo Albums (standard)
  2. Select a photo from Camera Roll (e.g. a saved pic)
  3. Take a photo on the spot.

This tab will remember the image you loaded the next time you run the App.

  • To clear its memory, tap the (clear) button.



Select a Rug tab

The rugs are displayed in a Web View, so that the user can flip and flick between rugs, including a top and bottom row.

The two rows are:

  • American Heritage, designed by the Studio
  • Tibetan, Modern & Transitional





Select a Rug - Zoom

With the familiar pinch and open gestures, the user can zoom in on the rug quite closely.

  1. Press (back) to go back to the Rugs view.

  2. Press (select) - pushes forward into the Save tab.





Save tab

Shows a preview of the current rug with the current user-selected picture.

Note the M in the upper-left corner - this indicates that the App received Apple's standard Application Memory Warning. This App will still function and save images even if the M is displayed.

  1. Press (Save to Camera Roll) to save the previewed image.

The status text will show "Saving..." and "Saved to Camera Roll." If the save was successful, the user will be auto-forwarded to the Email tab.




Email tab

After the combined image is saved to the Camera Roll, the user is forwarded to the Email tab. Here they see a preview of the saved image.

The 3 major options all close the App and open a new email to the Studio.

  1. Open a new mail and cite the current rug in the Subject: line.

  2. Open a new email with "Cleaning / Restoration" in the Subject: line.

  3. Open a new email to contact@tahoerugs.com, but don't include any subject at all.

Website and Phonecall buttons round out the contact-oriented options on this tab.

  1. website: Closes the App and opens www.tahoerugs.com in Safari.

  2. phone: opens a confirmation (double on OS 3.0) before starting a phonecall to Tahoe Rug Studio, in Tahoe City, California, USA.




  Contact us: contact@heartofland.com