'Its nearly a perfect app now' - 2.2 beta tester

• 4 instant-switch picture tabs
• HIDE/SHOW Nav and Tab bars!
• Visual bookmarks
• Widescreen
• English text-to-speech with tone control
• View dimming for late-night eye relief
• Visual history
• Built-in Help and links to games
• Font size override!
• Screenshot to Camera Roll with no chrome
• Auto tab restarting
• Image and Script blocking
• Short Load
• Tilt scroll
• Widescreen prevention
• Themes & Skins
• Amnesia Mode
• Read while screenlocked!
• Custom Homepage

The free version has 4 instant-switch tabs, visual bookmarks, and a powerful built-in text-to-speech engine with content recognition. Find in page, screen grab, stylesheet override, brightness control, and a built-in tutorial.

The full version adds script and image blocking, tilt scroll, themes and skins, 4view split-screen, a Read bar on the browse screen, tab restarting, rotation block, and amnesia mode.




readR 2

Fast Tab Browsing, Speech, Skins, Themes,
and desktop features like Font Sizing and
Brightness Control, all in a comfortable UI.

readR 2 is an advanced tab-based browser for iPhone and iPod Touch. It offers a novel yet familiar interface, maximizing the WebView with minimal chrome. Its highly visual approach will inspire competitors for months to come. Available in full and no-ads free version.

readR2 - Tabs & features
(focus on Reddit)
readR2 - Tabs, bookmarks, utilities (focus on Digg)
readR2 - Ep. 1 - Nice and Easy (introduction)
readR2 - Ep. 3 - JavaScript Games

Available on the App store.

To open a link in a new tab, hold down the link and select "copy".

The system is always watching to see if a URL is in the clipboard. If it is, and a tab slot is open, it'll open the link and clear the URL from the clipboard. If not, the URL stays on the clipboard.

Keep in mind, you can crash regular Safari on a bunch of sites, and this is four sites at once with less memory! This is why you should get the full version and enable "short load" and script blocking. :)


Browse screen

Choose from many news sites on the Launchpad (shown above).

Autorotate to Landscape

+autohide nav and tabs.

+user hide/show preference is remembered
for horizontal and vertical orientations separately.

Block rotation in the Settings (full version).



Show Utilities by tapping the magnifiing glass icon.

+Find in page


+Font size control




Bookmarks screen

+Tap "bookmarks" or "history" to maximize that list to the window width.

+ Clear! has a safety confirm popup.

X - To delete individual items, swipe-right over them, then tap Delete. Left-swipe to cancel Delete.

Note: When you push the "Stop" button, the upper half of the web window is used for the tab graphic.

When you bookmark a URL, this graphic is used. So, scroll into the right position, even zoom, for a good looking tab and browser graphic.



Read screen

+Read page text out loud

+Copy and Paste from the system clipboard

+Skip back and forth while reading - through sentences and paragraphs

+pause anytime - playback will resume at the last sentence.

Clipboard: copy text, and read it out loud.

Save and Load: store and retrieve a page you're reading, the text you copy from it, and where you are in the text.

What text-to-speech system is this?

This is FLITE, a really good and efficient TTS
from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
So it handles UK accents first and foremost,
which not every TTS even attempts.

Its strength is sentence parsing and intonation
for the CPU usage. Its weakness is 16-bit samples, inferior to the 32-bit and blended samples in the best desktop text-so-speech systems, like Apple's Alex.



Settings screen

+Custom homepage

+Tilt scroll switches


Themes are auto-muted so you can still read web text, clipboard text and buttons over them.


Skins add a theme to the URL and NAV bars on the Browse screen.

Network options

+Blocks external JavaScript files.
JavaScript embedded in the page will still run.

Note: blocking .js makes some sites kinda not work, like mobile wikipedia, FOX news, and reddit. try it by flipping the switch and reloading the tab.

+Block images. Some images will get through regardless.

+Quick load control

Note: "short load" stops load as soon as a page signals that it's done. Many pages want to go on after this, loading script, waiting for stuff to come in, etc, etc.

If a page won't load, disable short load, reload it, and turn short load back on.


Memory options

+Set tabs to reload at start

+Save current reading position


readR options

+ Set volume & tone

+Set voice to read over current iPod music
+Read while the machine is asleep.

Can I browse and read out loud and listen to music at the same time?

+Yes. Tap the (+Music) button in Speech Mode, in the Settings, and restart readR 2. (full version)