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❧ Planation

An interface for the dataset compiled by WhatWePayFor.com

Spending by Sector from to

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This is a single-page web application. Planation is a combination of the data from What We Pay For,
the Raphael web graphics engine, and a new data exploration and editing system called Enter.

The Enterworld is hidden underneath this page. Flip it over with the flip button in the upper left.
The videos below explain how Enter works, and how the WWPF data is structured inside it.

These graphs are metaprograms in the Enterworld made out of tiles within tiles.
They query the data and command Raphael to graph them.

For the first time, the logic and data that create a web graphic are under your control. Enjoy!



Created by imacpu and ideo with miscelany and swanwrites.
Original demo by Jono Brandel, Google Creative Lab.
Cross-platform graphs by Dmitry Baranovskiy's excellent gRaphaël.


Introduction: the Enterworld


Exploring the What We Pay For data